Life is for living, right? Sure it's great to be all grown up and responsible but what about the fun stuff, the things that make life worth living? I don't want you to forget about them, so consider it my job to remind you, inspire you and help you accomplish them. I've done all the training, read all the self help books, and by trial and error have found what works and what doesn't. This is great for you since you don't have to go through all that. So go on, dust off those dreams and give it a red-hot go.


Currently working with top Australian riders on how visualisation and mental sequencing can help in motorcycle racing.


Personal Change Consultations
Do you want help making some change in your life or to accomplish a personal goal? Have you gone to a personal development seminar or read self-help books but haven't moved forward as much as you'd like? It may just be that you don't have the support and accountability that you need. This may be the missing link, and is what I offer over the phone. Just click on the book phone consult button. Your first one is free!

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4 days in Tassie on a budget

Day 1. Fly Brisbane to Launceston. My lovely daughter dropped me at the airport. I guess she does owe me a few taxi trips. I was feeling a bit blue because Katey had left the day before to fly to Singapore for her best friends 40th. I missed her and so did our dogs. I […]

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Finding meaning

I would say that identifying why you might be feeling meh about things is not an easy thing to do. There are many possible reasons, and some may even need specialist help if its more than just feeling generally uninspired or unexcited about life. It might be your work, your relationships with others, your love […]

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What’s outside your walls?

Recently I’ve had an experience at work that reminded me that physical walls result in mental walls, and once the physical ones are removed, we can still think and behave as if they’re still there. I work in a very structured and hierarchial enveronment. There are good reasons for that, mostly to do with safety. […]

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