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I'm fascinated with the power of the mind. Experts agree that in the field of performance, 80% is in the mind. I had heard of it, how US POW George Hall attributed mental practice to his incredible round of gold after being in prison for around seven years and not touching a golf club once. I tried it many times for different things, but always found my mind would wander or I'd fall asleep. I found the concept too vague, and needed something more specific.

Then I went on a two week flight screening selection course for ADF pilot. It was super competitive to get a slot on this course, and even harder to get through it with a recommendation. While there, I learned the technical application of it in a way I'd never used it before. I had been missing some crucial parts, and this was invaluable in my success there.

So it got me thinking, if it is so useful with checklists and aerobatic maneuvers in flying, then how could it improve my performance in other things? I love motorcycle racing, so this seems like an obvious place to start. That's why I'm now translating everything I used during flight screening to the technical application of it in motorcycle riding. I'm now working with quality riders to see how effective it is with track days and racing, so stay tuned.